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  • KTP Associate within the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Knoweledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between British Telecommunications PLC and the University of Essex to develop remote workforce management solutions and embed knowledge of advanced computational intelligence, intelligent environments and augmented reality. KTP9985.
  • Doctoral researcher within the “Scale up Intelligent Environments” project, a 5-year joint project between the University of Essex, UK and King Abdulaziz University, KSA. Its purpose was to investigate the Scaling-Up of Intelligent Environments from the current small scale, beyond four walls to the large-scale.

Software Development

2013-04-11 13.50.32

FortiTo‘s BuzzBoards™ educational technology system is based on a series of pluggable hardware and software modules, which can be assembled in different combinations, determining both the functionality and physical form, to create a variety of electronic prototypes.

These drivers (developed in Phyton) use the I2C protocol to add sensors and actuators to a Raspberry Pi through a hub base board (BuzzBerry).

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