PhD Thesis abstract selected for publication at the IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin

The abstract of my PhD thesis entitled “Exploring Mixed Reality in Distributed Collaborative Learning Environments“, was selected for publication at the IEEE Intelligent Informatics (August 2017 issue).

My PhD research explored possible interactions using a novel mixed reality framework (computational model, conceptual architecture and proof-of-concept implementation) that enabled geographically dispersed learners to perform co-creative teamwork using a computer-based prototype comprising hardware and software components. 

The thesis reported on evaluations performed with students from eight different universities in six countries, namely China, Malaysia, Mexico, UAE, USA and UK; providing an important insight to the role of social interactions in distance learning, and demonstrating that the inclusion of a physical component made a positive difference to students’ learning experience, supporting the use of mixed reality objects in educational activities. 

This thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science by the University of Essex, was defended on 15th January, 2016. In this research I was co-supervised by Prof. Vic Callaghan and Dr. Michael Gardner. 

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